ITS Products

The product strategy employed by ITS is based on the two pillars Smallworld GIS as a geographic information system and Lovion BIS as an business information system. Both product platforms have already been successfully introduced to several businesses and have proven their practical suitability. Within the framework of our guidelines “Integrated Asset-Management” an ERP-System (Enterprise Resource Planning) is often integrated in order to visualize the continuous workflow of the technical as well as commercial aspects of customer business processes. Most of our customers deploy SAP for commercial systems.

Through the consistent deployment of standards and the integration into the existing product range of companies, ITS is able to provide quick and cost-efficient system management. ITS products are thus subdivided into the following product lines:


The software Lovion BIS and its coordinated products offer continuous IT-support for the technical business processes of network operators. It is built on a base of operational resource information and documentation. Here data from foreign systems such as GIS and ERP can be used in combination with the Lovion system cultivated data.

In addition to the device data, the Lovion BIS offers modular products for the core processes of network management, net-construction, network operations, grid-connections and meter management. The central processes for planning, controlling and monitoring of budgets and resources are defined under work management.

  • Uniform user navigation
  • Continuous process support
  • Modular implementation

Smallworld GIS

The software solution Smallworld GIS is a professional geoinformation system for utility companies. The ITS Group is one of the leading sales partners for GE Energy’s Smallworld GIS in Europe. The software is mainly used to completely document supply networks and network logics. This data provides an excellent basis for various applications, for example for planning electricity, gas and water supply networks, designing telecommunication networks, construction or grid management. By combining Smallworld GIS with Lovion BIS, the full data potential can be used.

  • A market-proven portfolio
  • Various options for system integration and interfaces
  • Support for the entire lifecycle of utility assets