ITS Group Services

We offer customers diverse IT solutions for business processes in the utility sector. Our products are based on innovative and leading technology standards.

The solutions are increasingly implemented as agile projects where customers especially appreciate the transparent process as well as modular product installations. Integration and automated tests are a core component of our solutions and ensure that quality standards are upheld and continuously advanced.

Using fundamental industry expertise in real-life projects, our consultants offer support in assessing and designing target solutions. We use established project management tools for project monitoring and collaboration. The high education standards of our employees, who offer optimal support to our customers, lead to efficient and customized product installations.

Project Implementation

Many customer references confirm successful project implementations of various sizes. These include perennial projects with teams comprised of up to twenty experts.

The ITS Group offers the following project services:

  • Project Management
  • Expert Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training

This portfolio is completed with IT operational services that support real-life application.

Project Management

First and foremost, we define success through customer satisfaction. Our project management experts have knowledge in the newest project management techniques including an extensive industry knowledge in the field of supply and disposal services as well as telecommunications. This experience is applied in customer projects and used to assess indiviudal requirements. Furthermore, solutions are developed, proposed, tested and delivered within a predefined timeframe. A profound customer orientation as well as authenticity are the foundation for a trustworthy and long-term cooperation.

Agile Projects

In projects, a hybrid approach has been established within the ITS Group. Our agile project teams are used to working closely and reliably with all involved stakeholders.

Customer requirements are realized using agile tools that are continuously made available to our clients. In addition, quality assurance and documentation are implemented correspondingly and tests are increasingly automated.

Software Development

Lovion BIS, which is developed by the ITS Group, is one of the leading software solutions for utility companies. In addition, the ITS Group is a development partner of GE Energy and their Smallworld GIS. The broad range of industry knowledge and practical experience within the ITS Group directly flows into product development and solutions.

Standard software solutions are functionally and contextually adjusted within customer projects. They offer customized and efficient business processes that are largely based on industry standards and have been preconfigured in real-life projects.

The ITS Group’s broad integration plattform lays the foundation for digital business processes. It offers bidirectional data transfers between technical and commercial solutions and also supports workflows without media breaks.

Quality management has a high priority within the ITS Group. For automated tests, frameworks are implemented to continually and automatically carry out tests. They lay the foundation for continuous delivery processes and offer flowing installations in agile projects.


The growing complexity of requirements as well as developing customized solutions remains a challege in our consulting service. Through our long-standing project experience with customers, we are prepared for current and future hurdles and offer a broad range of solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, we advise customers in digital solutions during the implementation and execution phase. As a result, we have developed a market understanding of customer requirements that are incorporated into our standard products. By doing this, our solutions cover a wide variety of requirements.

Customers are highly interested in a holistic approach with a high degree of process integration based on well-grounded E2E-processes that are supported by our products, knowledge and experience. With our consultants, we will support you on the path to digitization, starting with the conception phase and leading up to the implementation of the software.


As a supplier of extensive software solutions for utility companies, we see our responsibility in ensuring safe and reliable operations in regards to the entire software solution. When guiding our customers through their on-premise operations, we apply long-term practical experience that our support and maintenance teams have acquired over the years. The ITS Group offers a hotline that is staffed with highly skilled teams who are qualified IT and application specialists.

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IT Operations

With our IT operations, we offer extended services beyond classical support such as IT consulting and on-site application operations as well as complete SaaS/Cloud environments.

Our system architecture enables classical on-premise environments located at the customer’s site as well as hosting solutions in specific data centres or outsourcing them to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Hybrid approaches are also possible by implementing individual components of the entire solution in the mentioned models. We offer customized operational models that are optimally suited to individual requirements.

Data Acquisition

The ITS Group is specialized in implementing and operating Smallworld GIS and Lovion BIS IT solutions. Furthermore, data acquisition compliments our range of services. We offer the following services in these areas:

  • Data recording
  • Data continuity
  • Data transformation
  • Data assessment

By implementing diverse IT solutions, we have acquired an extensive knowlededge base on different data structures. This know-how enables us to offer various data acquisition solutions. This includes data from various sources. In the past, digital and analogue data has been processed in various projects. The ITS offers tools to integrate different data sources that are required.

Our aim is to produce high-quality and flawless data. In order to guarantee and verify data quality, additional tools are available in the system.