Access to Web Services

The company ITS Telco Services GmbH offers a generic solution for accessing web services. This solution is called ITS Web Service Interface. The interface supports fundamental pillars for communication (SOAP) and interface descriptions (WSDL) of a web service architecture. Magik classes are created automatically via code generation.

  • Supporting W3C SOAP and WSDL for web services
  • Generating Magik and Java classes based on WSDL
  • Based on Java Framework Apache Axis2
  • Automatic data binding during runtime

Product Description

Web Services

Service oriented architecture (SOA) helps to improve communication within a company’s heterogenic IT environment. Web services belong to a successful group of service-oriented architectures. The focus lies on machine to machine communication.

It is possible to access web services and information from various web service systems within Smallworld GIS by implementing the ITS Web Service Interface. This interface applies basic components for communication and service descriptions that are described in SOAP and WSDL specifications.


WSDL is the abbreviation for “Web Services Description Language” and is an XML-Language for interface descriptions. Operations including parameters and return values are defined within the WSDL. Furthermore, instructions for the way services are accessed and where they are located are defined within the WSDL. WSDL is also specified by W3C.

Apache Axis2

The ITS Web Service Interface is based on the Java Framework Axis2 by the Apache Group. Apache Axis2 is an implementation of W3C SOAP specifications. The Java framework supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 amongst other versions. Axis2 architecture features web service middleware and capsules communication via SOAP.


SOAP is an XML-based messaging format for web services and was specified by W3C. Queries and replies are packaged and sent via a SOAP “envelope”.

Code Generation

A fundamental component of web service communication is the code generation of stub and transport classes. The ITS Web Service Interface automatically creates Magik and Java classes based on WSDL.