Gas Pipeline Networks in Germany

Gas Network Map Germany

The VGE-map “Gasversorgungsnetze in Deutschland” (gas pipeline networks in Germany) depicts the entire German pipeline network including connections to neighbouring countries. In cooperation with the WGI company in Dortmund, the publisher Glückauf has released a newly revised and extended edition of the VGA-map “Gasversorungsnetze in Deutschland” in a digital and vector-based data format.

  • Utility companies (owners)
  • Section-oriented pipeline route with information regarding the pipeline operator, gas pressure in bar and dimension in mm
  • Information on nodes and intersections
  • Pipeline operator directory

Product Description

GIS Database

The database data model is designed to optimally depict the object structure and is available in the Smallworld GIS Datastore. Data is available in various formats such as shapefile, DXF/DWG and more.

Last update: 2011

Since the last update, it is possible to attain VGE data in KML format which can be used in Google Earth.

General Information

  • Background map: object-structured and vector-based Macon dataset including provinces, government districts, municipalities, urban areas, rivers, roads etc.
  • Projection: conformal Lambert projection (conical)
  • Last Update: 2011

  • OK transit nodes
  • i.e. including the following information:
    – node description, node type (gas reservoir, desulfurisation plant, oil reservoir with natural gas production, separation plant, fluid natural gas storage plant, coastal docking station, delivery plant, refinery with gas production, underground gas storage)
    – gas type (natural gas, fluid gas, manufactured gas, mixed gas)
    – status
  • OK connected intersections
  • OK owner/operator formats
  • ESRI-Shapefiles (graphic and attribute data excluding styles, DXF (graphic data excluding styles) and more

Network Topology

  • All pipeline and node geometries are saved in a topology layer (manifold pipelines) where topological relationships between geometries are recorded. This makes a network analysis possible.


Smallworld data model and application:

  • OK utility companies
    with a short description, address data and company id
  • OK pipeline sections
    including the following information:
    – utility company (owner)
    – operator
    – pressure level
    – diameter
    – gas type (natural gas, mixed gas)
    – status (in operation, planned or under construction)
    – length of pipeline section (calculated automatically)
    – volume (calculated automatically)

How do I attain the Gas Pipeline Map?

The digital gas pipeline map for Germany can be purchased through us (one-off payment – no subscription).

A prerequisite for pruchasing this product is that users accept the licensing terms and conditions which exclude a commercial use of the gas pipeline map.

If you are interested, please contact us. You can use the following Contact form.

All information regarding the VGE-map “Gasversorgungsnetze in Deutschland” (gas pipeline networks in Germany) is also summarised in our two flyers.

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