Flexible and Quick Plots

ITS Toolbox Plots offers various tools to create plots within Smallworld GIS.

  • Plot area is defined using ledger lines
  • Unique layout sizes are supported next to standard sizes
  • Different plot information is derived from the map
  • Various plot design configurations
  • Numerous types of serial plots

Product Description

Dynamic Quick Plot

The dynamic quick plot tool can be used for any paper size including unique and non-standardised sizes to show any map extent. Users can define the length and height of a plot by marking three points with the ledger line. As roll plotters can print all layout sizes, it would be unjustified to limit size options to standard formats.

Furthermore, a serial plot along the ledger line is also possible. Various configuration options simplify the workflow of dynamic quick plots and can reduce errors. For example, plot layouts can depend on selected objects and the map scale. In effect, different labels and map keys are used. The software is also able to detect utility sectors displayed in the map and can add information regarding their description and responsible departments as well as the department telephone number of the displayed district.

Intelligent Layout Functions

Numerous layout functions are available for the ITS Toolbox Plot. It is possible to automatically add data such as district information or information about the object itself. In addition, areas for supplementary visualisations can be defined. These are called “view ports” (a function in NRM Base). They can be positioned on a separate page or on the same page as the main map. This provides more details in the layout.