Documenting Electricity Data Efficiently

The ITS Toolbox Electricity is aimed at users who edit electricity data. With just a few mouse clicks, a cable distributor or a cable within a cable section (including two new sleeves) can be inserted. In addition, database queries are possible and will show the database structure and contents.

  • Additional switching functions
  • Displaying routes based on nodes
  • Repairs and grindings
  • Displaying topological information in an editor
  • Statistics for electricity assets

Product Description

Electricity Object Query

The Electricity Object query aggregates data from electricity components within a certain area (e.g. district, supply area or statistical area) or within a database using different criteria. For calculating cable lengths within a specific area, cables are correctly trimmed at the defined border. Installation lengths are calculated proportionally to geometric lengths. As a result, reliable statistics can be created for a certain area, for example, a district.

Repairs and Connections

A new cable can be inserted into a cable section (with two new sleeves) or a new cable loop can be added to a power station or cable distributor with just a few mouse clicks via the special menu. Installation lengths are calculated proportionally and automatically. In addition, they are automatically adjusted for component replacements or available sleeves.

Target Routes based on Nodes

ITS Toolbox Electricity also supplements the ITS tool Circuit Flow Analyser by offering functions for displaying target routes in the map based on network topology and nodes. It is possible to determine where power switches are necessary to cut off electricity supply to a specific cable.