Support for Alternatives

The ITS Toolbox DB incorporates functions to efficiently manage alternatives. Alternatives and labelling points can be created, compared and displayed via the neatly structured gui. This can be done for numerous databases at the same time. Furthermore, ITS Toolbox DB provides functions for automatically comparing database alternatives in Smallworld GIS whilst taking preconfigured parameters into account.

  • Efficient management of alternatives and labelling points
  • Parallel comparisons of alternatives in numerous databases
  • Easy configuration
  • Automated comparison for alternatives
  • Safe comparison for alternatives including protocols

Product Description

ITS Alternative Manager

Alternatives and labelling points can be created, compared and displayed via the neatly structured gui in the ITS Alternative Manager. Different operations for alternatives and labelling points can be carried out more efficiently in this module compared to the standard Smallworld version management menu. A central user handling feature is that the action is executed simultaneously in databases whilst toggling to a specific database. Thus, it is no longer necessary to repeat identical operations on each database.

ITS Alternative Comparison

The module ITS Alternative Comparison is designed to carry out controlled comparisons of alternatives in the Smallworld GIS version management. This operation is a central task for safe data management and can be executed fully automatically via batch processes.

Positive/Negative List

Before the alternative comparison is carried out, two files (positive/negative list) have to be adapted to the specified alternative path structure, i.e. according to comparison requirements. Settings and rules applied in the comparison are defined in these files. Furthermore, these lists contain alternative paths applied in the comparison. Instructions are included to manage individual processes.

Exemplary Data

Four possible process management cases for exemplary data are displayed in individual GIS and GAS blocks. The first entry of the block specifies the top level of alternatives via the alternative path. This appears in front of the alternative instruction of each database partition.

Protocol File

Completed operations for alternative comparisons are inserted into a protocol file. In addition, important information concering conflicts in alternative comparisons are documented. Users can proceed or abort the operation by clicking on the respective button.