Geometries for documenting additional Networks

The Simple Network Model provides straightforward models to document additional and smaller networks (company-owned or third party networks) in combination with sector-specific data models. These can be documented in a detailed or overview map.

  • Separate feature classes for point, line, aerial and numerous text geometries are available for each network type
  • An enumerator is included in each feature class to assign styles to specific values
  • Additional data fields for specific values and enumerations are possible
  • Objects are topologically connected in each type of network
  • Operating states include “in operation”, “out of operation” and “planned”
  • A detailed map and an overview map are incorporated as a geographic reference
  • Standard data models for many network types are already available in the product
  • Easy installation into existing databases

Product Description

Depicting additional Networks

If other networks exist within the supply area and a Smallworld GIS data model is not available to document them, these networks can be recorded using the ITS Simple Network Model. Some examples for using this data model include oil pipelines or railway tracks on power plant sites, drainage pipes for electricity, gas or water plants as well as individual and small district heating networks.

Depicting Third Party Networks

The product ITS Simple Network Model provides data models for documenting third party gas, water and district heating networks. Additionally, industry gases or biogases are also depicted. Furthermore, mounting parts such as valves and hydrants as well as aerial structures including shafts are documented along pipeline routes.

Depicting Objects along Pipelines in other Sectors

If electrical cables for remotely operated gas and water pipelines are installed, these are usually documented together with other telecommunication cables in the sector-specific data model for electricity. If this information should also be displayed in the gas and water depiction, the ITS Simple Network Model offers a straightforward data model to visualise secondary assets for remote controls.

Visualising Data for Third Parties

If utility companies document specific data for third parties, additional feature classes in the data model are required. The product ITS Simple Network Model, for example, offers feature classes to easily document private gas and water pipelines in an industrial plant or radio masts. This is done independently of the utility company’s own supply network.