Broad Bandwidth based on Fibre Connections

Telecommunication companies are faced with the challenge of providing customers a broad bandwidth based on fibre connections (FTTx). Whether a network expansion or upgrade is economically viable depends on existing network infrastructure. These types of analyses are extremely labour-intensive using conventional methods. In fact, planning an upgrade with just a few thousand grid connections requires weeks of work.

  • Sustainably reduced time to market for FTTx mass rollouts
  • Efficient planning resources
  • A transparent and objective foundation for planning decisions e.g. upgrade sequence
  • Cost-efficient and appropriate planning using available infrastructure
  • Highly reliable network quality
  • Quick adjustments for planning different entrance sizes
  • Complete solution including FTTx planning, work preparations, execution and construction

Product Description

ITS netPlanning

ITS netPlanning automatically calculates cost-efficient and well-structured network configurations and makes this information available for further planning steps. This is done based on demand analyses, available infrastructure (cable route, empty conduits, locations), component catalogues where planning rules and material costs are taken into consideration as well as planning parameters specified by the user.

netPlanning is a joint product development with atesio, a company specialised in complex optimisation tasks using the most advanced mathematical methods. atesio has successfully worked in the telecommunication sector for over 15 years and has been awarded numerous innovation prizes.

netPlanning creates designs using existing infrastructure. After extrapolating information regarding existing infrastructure, planners can expand or reduce this information for carrying out their automated network design. Planning parameters such as locations for distribution stations, specifications of useable components (cables, pipes, splitters etc.), supply lengths or cost functions are generally configurable and can be modified individually.

netPlanning visualises calculated grid structures (main cable, distribution areas) and creates elaborate reports containing planning results (installation and construction costs, material lists). Information regarding planned objects such as distribution and supply demand areas or corresponding cable routes is made available for further processing steps.

Automated planning is effectively scalable. netPlanning processes large planning areas with thousands of supply points and supports efficient, parallel processing for numerous planning areas.