Managing Optical Fibre Cable Routes

ITS Fibre Route Management, a product by ITS Digital Solutions, offers an extensive tool for documenting and managing cable routes. The product is smoothly integrable into the modules “Fibre” and “Inside Plant” within the Physical Network Inventory 4.3 by GE Energy. Cable routes can be documented using physical routes.

  • Documentation of optical fibre cable routes as port-to-port connections
  • Integrating any number of sub locations with patch connections
  • Producing optical fibre schematic maps with length descriptions
  • Issuing cable routes in a KML-File to be displayed in Google Earth

Product Description


Smallworld Physical Network Inventory with its modules “Fibre” and “Inside Plant” by the manufacturer GE Energy offers a tool for documenting the entire optical fibre network including various devices at connection points. It is possible to depict topological connections at fibre level and thus, to define the cable route including network points. The product ITS Fibre Route Management documents these cable routes as port-to-port connections and presents them as tangible and manageable units. By allocating users, for example a customer, an optimal foundation for outage management is provided.

Producing Cable Routes

Cable routes can be produced using a network analysis on the optical fibre level and a specific starting point. The network analysis stops in accordance to predefined criteria. The identified cable route can then be saved. On the other hand, the product ITS Fibre Auto Routing also offers an easy-to-use and convenient way to search for optical fibre connections as well as cable routes.

Schematic Visualisation

A schematic visualisation can be created and saved for each cable route. The route is created using the standard schematic map generator by PNI 4.1.

Visualisation in Google Earth

By exporting Cable routes in a KML-format, they can be displayed in Google Earth. As a result, this information is also available to a broader range of users.

Content Reports

Content reports can be created for all structural and optical fibre cable objects. They contain all cable routes including customer information. In case an outage occurs along a route or cable shaft, affected cable routes can be determined quickly and effectively. By exporting these results as an outage report in Excel or as a PDF file as well as creating serial letters or emails, technicians and customers can be notified quickly.