Establishing Network Routes

The product Fibre Route Management by the ITS Telco Services GmbH offers comprehensive tools for documenting and managing network routes. The software Fibre Auto Routing is used to analyse the network structure between two locations and to establish network routes.

  • Analysis of optical fibre cable connections between two locations
  • Incorporating numerous sub-locations
  • Analysing fibre occupancy as well as splice and patch connections
  • Identifying redundant network routes
  • Establishing network routes based on identifed pathways

Product Description

Network Routes

The modules “Fibre” and “Inside Plant” within the Smallworld product Physical Network Inventory offer a platform for documenting the entire fibre network as well as connected components. It is possible to depict topological connections on a fibre scale and to define network routes beyond network nodes. The ITS product Fibre Route Management documents these network routes as port to port connections and depicts them as individual groupings. Allocating consumers (e.g. customers) provides an optimal data foundation for outage management.

The ITS product Fibre Auto Routing offers an easy-to-use and convenient search tool for available fibre connections as well as network routes.


The search is based on predefined settings that are applied on optical fibre cables. All possible cable routes and associated information such as fibre length, capacity and the number of available fibre cables are shown in the results. The structure of fibre cable connections can be depicted for a selected cable route. This provides users a quick overview of available fibre routes or where splices are necessary. If this work is carried out in a “Design Job” within the “Design Manager”, instructions for necessary splices and patch work can be issued in a report.

Fibre Auto Routing offers a smooth integration for the product Physical Network Inventory 4.3 by GE Energy.