Smallworld Interface/Cable Scout®

The ITS Cable Scout interface offers a Cable Scout® integration, a product for professional cable management for telecommunication networks. This tool is directly available in Smallworld GIS. A bidirectional data transfer between both systems is also possible. This means that additional information for telecommunication cables can be maintained within the Smallword sector-specific solution for electricity.

  • Bidirectional data transfer between Smallworld and Cable Scout®
  • Data from the sector-specific solution electricity
  • Post-editing in Cable Scout®
  • Supporting differential comparisons
  • Batch operations

Product Description

Smallworld/Cable Scout® Interface

ITS Cable Scout is aimed towards companies that document thier telecommunication network in Smallworld GIS, but also require further structural information in Cable Scout®. In this regard, electricity data can be managed in Smallworld GIS. The interface is capable of displaying power lines that were selected in one system and to display these in the other system. The graphic window bidirectionally shows the cables that are selected in the respective system. Furthermore, the interface is based on connections between cables in Cable Scout® and routes or cable sections in Smallworld GIS. Equal objects in both systems are identified by comparing the cable id in Cable Scout® with the route or cable description in Smallworld GIS. Additionally, in Smallworld GIS it is possible to configure a different attribute type for identification. The configuration is done in an xml file.

Export Interface

The user interface of the ITS ASKO Loader is easy to understand and intuitively useable. You can enter the target Smallworld GIS database with possible alternatives as well as respective ASCII files.

Differential Batch Operations

You would like a fully automated export at certain times? No problem, the interface can also be batch operated without a graphic interface. By implementing a differential data export, the amount of exported data is significantly reduced. ITS Cable Scout is available for Smallworld versions 3.2.1 and upwards. Cable Scout® is available for Smallworld 7. Older Cable Scout® versions have shown to be functional in projects as well.