Data Flow for ASCII Coordinate Files

The Interface ITS ASKO Loader can directly import ASCII coordinate files to automatically create objects in Smallworld GIS. The data import configuration is flexible and universally deployable. With the help of corresponding coding, line connections are also automatically created.

  • Easy data import using an ASCII format
  • Objects with attribute and geometry data are created
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Line connections are created automatically
  • Safe data import including protocols

Product Description

Importing ASCII Files

With the ITS ASKO Loader, various ASCII data can be read. This means that you can use ASKO Loader to automatically update data as well as migrating existing data. With the help of a comprehensive documentation it is also possible to adapt to individual file formats.

Graphic User Interface

The graphic user interface of ITS ASKO Loader is easy to understand and intuitive to use. You can enter target Smallworld GIS databases with alternatives as well as ASCII files.

Loading Process

During the loading process, objects are created for various sectors. These sector-specific objects are made up of attribute and geometry data. ITS ASKO Loader generates point objects as well as automatically creating line and aerial objects. Lines and their routes can be coded or created using measurements. The visualisation of line and aerial objects via a coded route enables the defintion of straight lines, curves and circles. Orientating new point objects along lines occurs automatically .

Configuration Menu

The high degree of flexibility within the ITS ASKO Loader is possible through the configuration menu. Loading processes can be managed by selecting the format as well as defining the measuring unit and possible coordinate translations. Furthermore, a protocol file is also accessible.

Individual Implementations

With the help of a comprehensive product documentation, individual implementations are very easy. The Smallworld GIS feature class has to be defined for each point code. In addition, parameters can be defined for attribute data. If you desire, we can assist you by organising workshops.

Existing Formats

Through past project implementations, individual formats have already been created using the ITS ASKO Loader. This has lead to the following formats:

  • ALK-GIAP-Format
  • Caddy-ASCII-Format
  • REC500-Format
  • Minka2000-Format
  • Further Tachymeter formats